“Phenomenon of Second-Classness and Marginality in the Slavic Area”

We cordially invite you to the XVIIth Annual Conference of Young Slavists, which will be dedicated to the theme of second-classness and marginality in Slavic countries. Both phenomena are an inseparable part of any culture, despite the fact that they are marginalized within it and may be neglected by the scientific community. Papers dealing with the above-mentioned issues in the field of historiographical, linguistic, literary and cultural studies research will be welcome.


COYS’23 important information

Date: 7–8 December 2023
Place: Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague

Deadline for applications: 18 June 2023
We kindly ask the interested persons to fill out the paper synopsis in English and in the language of the paper here (including other required information). Applications sent without annotations and /or after deadline will not be considered.

The conference is intended for senior students, graduates, alumni, PhD students, and young scholars under 35 years of age.

As usual, the languages of the conference shall be all the Slavonic languages.

Time given to the paper presentation: 15–20 minutes.

Poster: made on the paper size A0 (841 mm × 1189 mm)
Recommended: – serif font (e. g. Times New Roman)
– number of words under 800
– using software Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw

The reports will be divided into sections according to their topics. These sections will be conducted by the members of academia of the Charles University. Participants in the conference presenting a paper will be offered to publish their contribution in a form of comprehensive study in conference proceedings. Editors of the volume therefore reserve the right to reject contributions not conforming with requirements put on scientific texts (regarding content, language, or formal side).

Sections will be made after choosing the papers based on the synopsis. Topic areas of the conference “Phenomenon of Second-Classness and Marginality in the Slavic Area”:

Conference fee:
1) participation fee 1 500 CZK / 64 EUR (reading the paper; will be charged on the spot) providing the organizational issues of the conference
or 2) poster presentation fee 500 CZK / 22 EUR (will be charged via bank account)

If applied in time, we also provide accommodation in Charles University students’ hostels for participants from outside of Prague and from abroad (participant pays the costs).

The Conference dinner will be held on the first day of the conference (7th
December from 6pm) and will be fully covered. Those interested in
attending the conference dinner, please, register for it in the
Application form.